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英国论文代写切尔西艺术与设计学院:clothing market

英国论文代写切尔西艺术与设计学院:clothing market

服装市场受多种因素的影响。服装在解读人们的文化,品位和喜好方面具有关键意义。服装市场取决于多种因素。该分析的目的是调查在中国运营的种子公司。在中国,人们非常尊重他们的土著文化和遗产。这一因素使基于传统价值观的公司得以生存(McHann,2011)。 SEED Company有望在英国市场上推出。此分析与SEED Company在英国的成立有关。该分析详细讨论了公司周围的宏观环境因素和微观环境因素。具体来说,对品牌,目标消费者的行为和文化差异进行了调查分析。基于这些因素,提出了营销活动以推出产品。为了分析市场,进行了一些研究,以针对该产品开展有力的攻势。在下面的调查中分析了控制这些因素的不同因素。

英国在服装和配饰上的支出为590亿美元。根据2015年的统计数据,该国的服装销售增长了7.4%。英国的华裔人数有所增加。中国人普遍尊重自己的文化和传统(Wrigley&&Lowe,2015)。SEED生产的产品将有大量需求。欧洲起源社会对中国的丝绸和织物普遍赞赏。作为一个多元文化的社会,人们喜欢体验各种服饰和时尚。除了这个英国以外,英国拥有稳定的政府,在这个市场上人们的可支配收入也很高(Jones and Hayes,2004)。他们遵循自由贸易并具有开放政策,因此在英国建立业务更容易(Birtwistle,&Shearer,2001)。由此可知,该国在社会,政治,经济上偏爱其他国家的新业务。这些因素共同导致英国被视为理想的扩张地区。

英国论文代写切尔西艺术与设计学院:clothing market

The clothing market is influenced by many factors。Apparel holds key significance in deciphering about culture, taste and preference of the people. Clothing market is dependent on variety of factors. The purpose of this analysis is to look into the Seed Company operating in China. In China there is a lot of respect given to their indigenous culture and heritage. This factor has enabled companies based on traditional values to survive (McHann, 2011). SEED Company is expected to launch in the markets of UK. This analysis is about the launch of the SEED Company in UK. Macro environmental and micro environmental factors that surround the company have been discussed in detail in this analysis. Specifically there is investigative analysis done about the brand, target consumer behaviour, cultural differences. From these factors a marketing campaign is proposed in order to launch the product. In order to analyze about the market there is research undertaken in order to develop a strong campaign for the product. Different factors that control these factors are analyzed in the investigation below.

United Kingdom spends 59 billion USD on clothing and accessories. According to the 2015 statistics there has been 7.4% increase in clothing sales in the country. There has been a rise in Chinese origin people in UK. Chinese people in general respect their culture and heritage (Wrigley, & Lowe, 2015) There will be a lot of demand for the products produced by SEED. European origin societies have a general appreciation for Chinese silk and fabrics. Being a multicultural society people like to experience different kinds of apparel and fashion. Apart from this UK has a stable government and the disposable income of the people is also high in this market (Jones and Hayes, 2004). They follow free trade and have open door policy hence it is easier to establish business operation in UK (Birtwistle, & Shearer, 2001). From this it can be understood that socially, politically, economically the country favours new business operations from other countries. These factors together were the reason that UK is considered to be an ideal expansion region.

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