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There are several benefits of globalization and one of these benefits is the increase of standard of living of the human race. The cons of this concept has made the man lonely and not worthy of the trust. The fierce competition has snatched the family life from men and made him alone as there is no time with him for the family. Similarly at the times when he needs support and encouragement, there is no support available in shape of human face and the shortage is fulfilled with the services of dogs who served the man as companion and supportive pet. The role of dogs in human life is increasing with every passing time. This is due to the replacement they provide to several human needs. To counter the threat of small living places, posed by the concept of globalization can be reduced through effective architectural facilities available to the human kind. These facilities help in effective use of the available space. The concern is greater when it comes to sharing space with a pet. Most of the times, dogs are considered as “sons” & “daughter” or a family member of the house. There are several famous movies on the relationship of man and dog. These movies show the way dog help the human and proved as loyal to the human being. In these movies, dog are shown as helping the man, killing for him, fighting for him, protecting him, playing with him and is treated as the part of the families in the movies. This is the reason that they are given with special beds and place to eat, sleep as well as to excrete. Most of the time the dining table is shared with them and that can be seen in many movies. There is an increased in the level of relationship as well as love of the human being for the dogs.

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