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美国论文代写俄克拉荷马大学: 案例研究


美国论文代写俄克拉荷马大学: 案例研究

另一个缺点是,教师可能会促进数量而不是质量的互动。他可以简单地奖励那些外向型的参与者,从而更愿意交流。当他们说话时,他可能不会奖励那些更体贴,低调的人,他们有重要的一点(Prokopenko 1998)。




美国论文代写俄克拉荷马大学: 案例研究

Another disadvantage is that the instructor may promote quantity rather than quality interaction. He may simply reward those participants who are extroverts and thus just like to communicate more. He may not reward those that are more thoughtful and have a low profile yet when they speak, they have important points (Prokopenko 1998).

However, the case study method still has some advantages. The emphasis in this method is on “doing”. There is a great deal of involvement of the various levels of management in such an exercise that tends to increase learning. Moreover, there is a chance to improve communication skills. During the case method, managers are routinely asked to collaborate with each other and the use of presentations is common in the scenario. This along with other methods ensures that communication skills are well-developed.

There is an emphasis on solving mysteries. Thus the case study method involves a form of detective-like pursuit where the participants are faced with different kinds of managerial dilemma. This can help them in real-life situations that often involve such scenarios.

Case study is better than experiential learning in a very poignant way. For example, in real life situations a lot is at stake and managers have to be involved personally with the problems and some time have to take sides which has political implications. However in case studies, even though the situations presented are real, the managers do not have to involve themselves personally and they all know that they are just learning. Hence the case study method is safer in this respect.

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