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The Peking man was unearthed in the year 1927. It made it evident that these prehistoric creatures that were look alike of humans and had an ancient Paleolithic culture that lived in China. The Peking man was found to have certain attributes in is appearance that can be found excusive to the Mongolians.

There has been a recent discovery that has further pushed back the era of the initial farming villages in the Neolithic age. Archaeologists insist that these initial villages thrived near the yellow river valley in the year 6500 B.C. They grew millets and breaded pigs for sustenance. Earlier it was assumed that this was in about 4500B.C.

The inhabitants of the east leg of the Neolithic culture have their evidence of sustenance just before the Shang dynasty came into being.  These people, who are termed as Lung Shan, resided in towns with distinct walls and also made use of the wheel to create pottery.  This culture can be traced widely in the northern part of China.  Archaeologists have also discovered that the Hsia dynasty, which is the most well-known dynasty, dominated the lands on China for more than three centuries before being taken over by the Shang’s (Robert, 1998).

The Neolithic era was taken over by the Shang Dynasty.  It ruled over the yellow River valley.  In the present map of China, they were the provinces of Hubei, Henan, Shanxi and Shandong which are in the northeastern region of China.  There are evidences of the history of China from this dynasty onwards.  The Shang rulers had become victorious over the Neolithic tribes in the region and that is the beginning of their era of existence.

There is a lot of speculation over the background of the Shang.  From where had they come?  Some archaeologists claim they had come from the west Asian regions on chariots and the others insist that they were a part of the same people residing in the valley for centuries.  Whatever be their origination, it is clear that they had picked up the culture that already existed in China when they appeared, rather than developing their own exclusive culture.  They belonged to the Bronze Age.

The rulers of the Shang dynasty were selected from the same lineage and they played the dual role of being worshippers and priests who could connect with the supernatural world and spirits on behalf of the people. The king though went in hereditary, had limited power. He was chained by the power of the councils. The study of the fossil and oracle bones makes it evident that the King often pleaded to the spirits of his ancestors believing that they would come and rescue him from the resistance of the council.

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