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Probably the most important factor that makes it quite evident that women are not as effective as men in war situations is the obvious fact that they there physical levels are not the same as men. It is also a fact that women are also much more susceptible to injury than men. These factors can affect the competence and effectiveness of well trained women who has been trained for a battle. The main reason is the physical difference which makes them unfit for wars. The major difference related to health includes menstruation and special hygiene needs. Therefore wars could damage their productivity as soldiers and their military careers can be ruined at quite an early stage. Military women will have completely unique health and hygiene needs which will be hard to manage for them at the time of a war.

The environment of war deals with many variables that requires quick and efficient decision making. Women will have to overcome and make extremely quick and rational decisions. If a woman is worried about her heath care she would not be focused on the job and would not e able to make such quick and logical decisions due to the physical problems. Women were travelling in the Persian Gulf War and some of the women soldiers had great difficulty in those times because there were land mines placed everywhere, men urinated while standing in any corner but women had to face a great problem because there were not any portable toilets or plots. Women have unique and special needs which cannot be met in the situation of a war. All this would lead to a decline in the performance of a women soldier. She is exposed to great dangers because her focus would be deviated from the mission and she could lose her life without any purpose. Therefore it is hard to answer that how can we women be placed in this situation? In a one to one confrontation with an opposing male soldier a woman would not be able to compete with her because of physical differences. Such situation will cause added stress on the whole troop of soldiers which is not good for the military.

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