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发达国家的人口老龄化效应应导致老年人成功老龄化。然而,这些人口统计影响往往太大,无法妥善解决。成功老化可以通过多种方式解释。对于成功年龄的人,他们必须有必要的手段来这样做。成功老龄化的规定包括但不限于支持老年人口的政策框架,促进其独立性和尊重其尊严的医疗保健系统,家庭和社区的综合支持以及经济安全(Chappell和Hollander 9)。提供包括家庭,医疗保健提供者和社区成员在内的综合支持框架将有助于老年人口。
在老龄化的背景下,医疗保健辩论往往成为最重要的。预计加拿大人口老龄化将使医疗保健系统紧张(Roos 1275)。这个问题已经争论了很长时间。 Noralou Roos分析了1986年至1994年间需要的医生供应情况,并使用统计数据显示人口老龄化对医疗保健的需求将更多。作者收集了有关人口增长和老龄化的信息以及马尼托巴省医生索赔数据的医生供应情况(Roos 1277)。作者能够证实,随着加拿大人口老龄化的增长,医学领域的一些专业增加了。就省份而言,他们能够注意到其中一些人的要求落后,有些人需要过剩的专家。通过他们收集的数据,作者得出结论,需要制定政策以根据省内医生的可用性创造更公平的需求。考虑到加拿大的老龄化情况,这种成本削减措施并不严重。


The demographic aging effect in a well developed nation should lead to successful aging of the senior citizen. However these demographic effects are often too enormous to be addressed properly. Successful aging can be interpreted in many ways. For a person to successfully age they must have the necessary means to do so. The provisions for successful aging include but are not limited to policy frameworks that support the aged population, health care systems that promote their independence and respect their dignity, the integrated support of family and community and economic security (Chappell and Hollander 9). The provision of a an integrated support framework that includes both family, health care providers and community members will be helpful for the aged population.

In the context of aging, the health care debate is often brought into the forefront. Canadian aging population is expected to strain the health care system (Roos 1275). This concern has been debated for a long time. Noralou Roos analyzed the physician supply that was needed between 1986 and 1994 and used the statistics to show that an aging population will demand more in terms of health care. The authors collected information on population growth and aging and also the physician supply from the Manitoba physician claims data (Roos 1277). The authors were able to establish that as the Canadian aging population grew, some specialties in the medical field increased. In terms of provinces they were able to note that some of them lagged behind in their demands and some needed a surplus of specialists. Through the data they collected the authors were able to conclude that policy changes were needed to create more equitable needs based on physician availability within a province. This cost cutting measure is not drastic given the Canadian aging scenario.

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