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煤很容易从地下挖出而且价格便宜 - 大约是其他石油或天然气成本的六分之一。使用时,产生的排放会造成麻烦。它的烟灰色颗粒硫和氮化合物会导致酸雨;它还有其他有害元素,如汞和温室气体。仅在美国,煤炭污染物每年导致大约10,000例过早死亡。采矿事故也夺走了很多生命。煤炭为世界生产40%的电力,释放约39%的二氧化碳排放量。



Is the coal clean? Can we ever call coal a clean fuel? We have billion-dollar facilities to extract carbon dioxide from a coal-fired power plant, channel it into an underground storage area many miles away. Still, coal kills – directly and indirectly; directly through mining accidents, indirectly through emissions. Clean coal is a myth. We can try to make coal ‘clean enough’ so that we take care to prevent local disasters and radical changes that ensue in climate because of it.
Coal is easy to dig out of the earth and it is cheaper- it is about one-sixth pf the cost of other oil or natural gas. When used, resulting emissions cause the trouble. Its sooty particles Sulphur and Nitrogen compounds cause acid rain; it has other harmful elements like mercury and greenhouse gases. Pollutants of coal cause about 10,000 pre-mature deaths each year in US alone. Mining accidents claim lot of lives too. Coal produces 40 Percent of electricity for the world and releases about 39% of CO₂ emissions.
This articles stresses on making coal comparatively cleaner than it is and it is possible. Through carbon capture and storage, global emissions of Carbon dioxide can be reduced by roughly 80% in the next 30 or 40 years according to Edward Rubin of, a renowned environmentalist at Carnegie Mellon University. This new technology to capture Carbon dioxide is costly. It needs the government’s will. A power plant using coal will need to use 25% more coal for carbon capturing or carbon sequestering while continuing to give the same output. Not everyone will be into it unless there are laws.

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