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代写论文:factors in impacting the social development of a child

代写论文:factors in impacting the social development of a child



代写论文:factors in impacting the social development of a child

It has been observed that the process of common or mutual adjustment between the caregiver and a child has being initiated from the time of birth with the social environment broadly, which is a lifelong procedure (Sroufe, 2001). Forms of interactions, adjustment in relationships during the early days of a child’s life act as a guideline for the future and chances are there that it will have impacts upon the rest of his/her life. In the present writing the four main factors such as attachment, self-esteem, temperament and emotional reactions related to stressful situations that have major impact on a child’s social development will be discussed. The writing will also focus on the relationship between these four factors in impacting the social development of a child.

It can be seen that the four major factors attachment, self-esteem, temperament, emotional responses are very vital components in developing a child’s social behaviour. The four factors are attached to one another and if not balanced in the right manner adversely impact the other. It is important for parents and care-givers as well as teachers and others who are associated with a child in his/her childhood days to rightly assess the child’s temperament in order to provide secured attachment and well designed stress to develop a child’s emotional responses in the right manner in correct situations. It can also be stated here that it is extremely recommended that children should be kept away from extreme stressful situations which result in the development of adverse social behaviour.

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