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美国论文代写佩珀代因大学:Industry 4.0


美国论文代写佩珀代因大学:Industry 4.0



美国论文代写佩珀代因大学:Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is called the fourth industrial revolution. This will be a combination of industrial techniques and Internet of Things IoT, where it could be said that the existing factories would be getting smarter in the future. Industry 4.0 was estimated to have started in Germany. Countries such as China, Japan, South Korea and the United States also are also pioneers in taking up this effort. The motivation of Industry 4.0 is to make the global factory and manufacturing system smarter. Smart Technology will add to the agility strategy, as it will help in the improvement of manufacturing operations.
Some of the agility strategies that are improved by the use of Smart technology are that of the creation of many flexible points of collaboration. In the supply chain, there are many points of collaboration that were not considered in the traditional methods. In the context of high agility inventory, it is necessary for the lead time in the value chain to be reduced. Reduced lead time also will be helpful to synchronize with customer requirements, and ensure that they are satisfied in a just in time and reliable way. Information sharing is very important in this context. So the use of Smart technologies such as the IoT and related technologies is a necessity. For instance, ICT use will be helpful for monitoring the movement of large amounts of product data. In addition, the RFID will be used to feedback information on the numbers of goods, and also the movement of goods from end to end of the supply chain. In the context of high production processes, agility is hence increased because of the span of control obtained over all activities in the supply chain manufacturing (Brettel & Friederichsen, 2014).

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