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There are many sites like these wherein dangerous material have been disposed which could pose a huge threat to the individuals living near the site and also on the nation as whole. On the other hand there are many landfills to which are present across the nation. They tend to be neglected by several governments due to governmental competence. EPA has taken an initiative to clean up some of the sites despite of the underfunding. Even though the situation is not good, the waste is still present and some sites are expected to release toxic substance if due care is not provided. The main problem cited in the article is that of the funds. Earlier the funds were taken from the polluters like the crude oil and chemical companies in form of taxes. However the same was stopped in the year 1995 and currently the superfund is almost empty and also falls short of staff. It has been seen in various studies in the past that exposure to waste could cause cancer epidemic, however the same was not true. But, it would be incorrect to say that waste sites are safe. There is still a possibility of birth defect due to exposure if not cancer.

Critical Analysis 2

It has been suggested by the many that the waste sites must be recycled and could be used for our won benefits. Solar panels above the wastelands would help in the generation of the solar energy which could assist us in fulfilling the needs of energy near the waste sites. In the past, various things were produced at these sites like mustard gas, nerve gas sarin and pesticide dieldrin. At one site where the birds ate earthworms coming out the ground of the wasteland died. This shows the toxicity present in the waste which is being accumulated in the waste lands and also in the landfills which in a way would also cause harmful impacts to the humans.

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